Miter saw is a machine that is used by carpenters or other wood workers to cut the wood and to shape up various objects made up of wood. The main purpose of using a miter saw is take advantage of its best features, like you can cut various wooden frames within your house with ease. This method is quite cost effective as it requires less money. You only have to buy this best miter saw once and after that you can get the long lasting benefits of miter saw.


1. Makita LS1221 Miter Saw KitMakita-LS1221-Miter-Saw-Kit-300x279

The best band saw list will help you find out the  features of a specific product. However here I am telling you the features of Makita chop saw, this miter saw has almost all the features that are required. It includes the tipped blades, vise, socket wrench, wings and dust bag. All you want to see in a miter saw is provided along with. This specific product has following main features:


The Makita miter saw is light in weight so it is portable. That gives you the convenience of work by holding it properly and by cutting the wood in a proper way. That also gives you the less shattering, so you can cut various forms of wood with more precision.

Eco friendly

The miter saw involves the less production of dust as compared to the others so it is eco-friendly in real. The dust bag of the miter saw does not allow the dust and wood particles to spread outside, but instead it holds them all. The miter scale is also easy to read so in actual this miter saw is user friendly too.

Easy to handle

The horizontal D shape handle of the miter saw makes it easy to hold and operate. The miter saw is light in weight so you can also easily handle it. It gives the multiple features to the professional woodworkers to perform their work with perfection. It also comes with a warranty of one year.

Precise cutting

The miter saw also gives the precise cuts by allowing the nine stops both in left and right directions.


2. Makita LS1016L Compound Miter SawMakita-LS1016L-Compound-Miter-Saw-300x258

The miter saw of Makita is considered the most powerful and perfect miter saws in the world. The features and the performances of the product are awesome. That makes you people inclined towards buying this product. The main features of the Makita LS1016L are:


The Makita has made this model with durable construction material. The material of the miter saw make it the best among others. It is serving the people with its best features and high level of performance.

Good quality cutting

The sheathable guard system of the Makita make the vertical cuts easy and precise. If you are interested in cutting the base boards then the rear guard feature of the Makita will also offer it. Similarly this model is also perfect for crown molding.


The Makita has a15AMP direct gear motor that never slips. It requires the proper maintenance for better functioning. You can also control the speed of cutting and that will give you high quality cuts.


This best miter saw has a feature of retractable guard system and also the side guards, both these combine together give you to make multiple cuts of various sizes and shapes. So this is the versatility of the miter saw that makes it different from others.


As the miter saw is light weight in nature so it is easy to transfer from one place to another. That gives you more comfort at work place.



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