The chop saw is one of the many useful tools in the market that are designed to cut raw stock until it reaches its correct size. Most of these tools are primarily designed for wood while there are also others that can help cut metal. In order for you to take full advantage of this saw, you need to use a clamp to hold the work material at the right place. You will then notice that its circular blade starts to rotate and goes down to begin cutting the material.

Chop Saw

Most of these tools also come with their own blade protectors and these are extremely useful when it comes to exposing the harmful spinning blade and cut the material safely and correctly within the quickest possible time. You should check out Band Saw Report before you make your choice for best miter saw. It should also be noted that while there are certain models of this saw that you still need to mount into the bench for you to properly use them, there are also portable ones that you can use at a job site. However, you have to keep in mind that these are only useful for cuts that are less precise and projects that require some finishing using a more accurate saw.

Chop Saw Categories

The chop saw comes in two major categories. The first one is called the diy smart saw review which you can use efficiently in cutting wood. The second one is called the abrasive saw which you can use in cutting ceramics, metals and any other hard materials. The miter saw is preferred by many over the abrasive type because the former is capable of making amazing bevel cuts. It is extremely powerful with replaceable blades that you can use in making cross cuts and miter cuts. The latest versions of the miter saw are already motorized and you can expect these to provide more accuracy when cutting while also ensuring that these are portable enough so expect to have an easier time using and managing them. If you are still thinking of buying any of the reliable chop saw models that are now available for sale, then you have to become familiar about the major uses of this tool including the following.

Major Uses

1. It cuts board. The tool is said to work faster than a circular or a handheld saw when it comes to cutting boards. What you need to do is to first mark the specific length which you desire to cut, push the board until it touches the fence and slide it along the fence to align the mark into the blade. The next step is to turn the tool on and pull down its blade in order for it to start cutting the board. If you are planning to make angle cuts, then rest assured that you can just easily adjust its blade.

2. Some of its models come with compound miters that work in improving their efficiency and speed up their performance. If you purchase a chop saw model which comes with adjustable bevels and compound miter angles, then you can expect it to work more efficiently and quickly for complex finish work needing angle cuts across the board’s depth and width. The compound miter works in adjusting the angles and the bevels and this is a huge help when it comes to quickly completing a lot of carpentry tasks such as cutting stairs and crown molding and framing roofs.

3. It can cut tile and metal. A chop saw with a water reservoir which works in lubricating its blade once you start to use it in cutting is an ideal choice if you intend to cut tiles regardless of their shapes and designs through it. The water reservoir works effectively in preventing tiles from fracturing, thereby speeding up the process. Chop saws that have specialized metal-cutting disc are also effective when it comes to efficiently cutting metals like metal rebar, solid metal bars and round and square metal tubing.