Secured Android Keyboards

IOS and android have option to change keyboard and we can install 3rd party keyboards which are available in playstore.Generally 3rd party keyboards will compromise on security level and will try to access the user data ,key strokes, usage statistics and will send it to the developer server.If developer use that data to improve the version of the application and remove bugs it is ok. But if developer mis use the data then we can say users are in risk of data expose.We need more security while using the keyboards because while using banking apps or social networking sites we have to enter credentials .

For that we need security to the data.


Apple keyboard developers generally wont store user data in the server to maintain security and confidence to provide better experience to the users.

Today I am going to provide some secured keyboards which you can trust and reliable.


GBoard & Google Indic keyboard


This Gboard is nothing but google keyboard and most security measures have been taken to maintain good fame among the users.There is no misuse of user data while using this Gboard app.


Google indic keyboard is the keyboard which has your mother tongue language along with default English can use both language keyboards at a time just shifting between.It supports around 23 languages.




Fleksy is also one of the best keyboard after the Gboard .It uses language mapping data in the policy and by default  data access is disable in the Fleksy.It take measures to provide security for user key strokes.


To download fleksy keyboard click below provided link



It is also one of the best keyboard in the market and has  80+ colors, designs and themes.It is capability to learn user language and best auto corrections.Supports 150+ languages.

does not learn anything from fields marked as password fields, nor does it remember long numbers such as credit card numbers.

To download swiftKey keyboard click below provided link

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