Is Windows Defender Good Enough To Stand Alone?

Microsoft is determined to provide its users with advanced and latest security features to be able to compete with this digital world. Windows Defender is what it offers to provide security protection that you can trust. And most importantly at no extra cost to you. Windows Defender was originally known as Microsoft Security Essentials back in Windows 7. Microsoft Security Essentials was available for download and needed to be installed separately. But since Windows 8, Microsoft has included it as a built-in security feature we today know as Windows Defender.

So the question is still there. Is Windows Defender good enough to stand alone? Is it the best antivirus for Windows 10? If so, then whether it’s just good enough or the best available option for your PC.

Features of the NEW! Windows Defender

Windows Defender has a competitive edge over its rivals. Many people have a mind that they should always have a third party antivirus. It’s mostly because they believe that Windows Defender is not ready to protect them against the new and powerful viruses and threats. So, let’s take a look at some of the features of Windows Defender and then we will decide.

  • Nothing To Install – The best part is you already own it. You don’t need to install anything. It’s completely built-in, that means nothing to download, nothing to buy, no configurations and no subscriptions needed.
  • Real-Time Protection – Scan and protect your device against viruses and threats in real-time. You can also see the results of your previous scans, and get the latest protection offered by Windows Defender Antivirus.
  • Cloud-Delivered Protection – This is also referred to as Microsoft Advanced Protection System (MAPS). Cloud-Delivered Protection enhances your Real-Time Protection online, delivering an updated protection to your network and endpoints.
  • Ransomware Protection – With Controlled folder access you can protect your valuable data and documents from ransomware attacks. Once enabled, users can nominate folders to protect by adding them to “Protected folders”. It prevents most apps from accessing and changing files within the folders.
  • Family Options – Family options give you full parental controls. It allows users to control their children’s online experiences and protects your household devices.

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