How To Get Unlimited Candy Crush Saga Free Lives

Candy Crush Saga is placed among the list of best android games, considered as one the most addictive puzzle games of all times. It is popular equally among the people of all ages whether children or adults. Normally, this game gives you a total of max five lives. And after losing a life, you need to wait for almost 30 minutes to get one new life. If you are playing it on facebook or have connected your smartphone progress with facebook then you can also send requests to your friends to get lives. But all of this feels very much frustrating. That’s why people usually come across this page, looking for Candy Crush Saga free lives.

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I have discussed two methods to get Candy Crush Saga free lives. First method is for the smartphone users and works on all smartphone systems like Android, Windows Phone or iOS (iPhone) etc. And the second method is for those who are looking for Candy Crush Saga free lives while playing on Facebook using their laptops or PCs.

Candy Crush Saga Free Lives : For Smartphone Users

For those playing Candy Crush Saga on smartphone, when you get out of lives then just follow the steps below,
  • Go to your Phone’s Date & Time Settings
  • Adjust the Automatic Button to Off
  • Change the date of your device One day ahead. It’s better to change the date instead of time.
  • Suppose it’s 15 July today then change it to 16 July.
  • Press the Home Button and launch the Candy Crush Saga game again. You’ll see full lives.
  • Make sure that you have got the full lives. If not then set the time further forward.
  • Go back to the Date & Time Settings
  • Adjust your date back to original or Simply set “Automatic Date & Time” back to ON.

Now, you can return back to the game again. The date of your phone is set back to normal. If you need further lives then repeat the same again as many time as you want.

Candy Crush Saga Free Lives : For Facebook Users

There are two tricks to get Candy Crush Saga free lives for those playing on Facebook.

  • When you are playing on Facebook, there is an neat trick to get an extra life for free. When you have one life left, open up Candy Crush in a new tab while keeping the first one open, So you have two tabs open now. When you lose your last life in the first tab, you’ll still have one left in the second tab! So now you can play in that tab. After consuming life in one tab, close it and now again duplicate the second tab. That’s a very easy method.
  • When you get out of lives, ask your friends for life, But remember not to ask more than five friends at a time. No matter how many of them send you lives, just accept the lives you get and play. After getting out of lives again, do the same. If you ask all the friends at once, then it will be a waste because you can only receive maximum five lives at a time.

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