Gaming Desktops – A buying guide

how to pick a gaming computer

Not all gamers have the necessary knowledge to pick the right equipment in order to make the most out of their gaming experience. Getting the best gaming desktop can be a daunting experience for them especially because of the many options currently available on the market. Knowing a few basic things about what to look for in a computer might help them though when it comes to making the right decision. We’ve put together a set of guidelines in order to make their search for the perfect product a whole lot easier. Our recommendations are based on common questions regarding basic features meant to help make the most out of every game.


What is the first thing to consider when choosing a gaming desktop?

Start with the motherboard. Even though all seem pretty much the same features are very different. The price gap between entry level products and top end ones is mostly the result of their ability to support upgrades and general improvement when it comes to items like RAM or processors. Make sure your motherboard supports the newest technology and that it has the necessary slots to accommodate the latest components. Gaming usually requires having up to date hardware. Also remember to choose your motherboard depending on the type of processor you consider best as some motherboards only support a particular brand of such hardware. Intel make the most popular processors so go with a motherboard which has a suitable socket.

What type of processor should you get?

As previously mentioned, Intel are currently the leaders when it comes to gaming equipment. Their i7 processors deliver all the power you need to handle even the most demanding of games. Normally you should check the game requirements to see if the hardware supports the software. Nowadays having an i7 has you pretty much covered for the next year or two so don’t look for faster processors. As most of the best gaming desktops use this processor we recommend getting the Acer Predator AG3-605-UR37. For more details check out the reviews below.

How important is the PC case?

Even though the computer case is the last of your worries when it comes to normal desktops, things are a bit different with gaming computers. The design of the case is very important because it can provide room for specialized cooling systems or other accessories destined to help the most important parts of your PC function at optimal parameters. Get a professional gaming case and remember not to skip this step as it can influence the computer’s overall performance more than you think.

What type of video card is best for a complete gaming experience?

This is where things get tricky. The video card is the most important choice you will have to make next to the processor. The easiest way to check what is your best choice is to go online and look for sites that check video card performance for you. Just put in the model and you will know which games work and which don’t. Most dedicated video cards have their own RAM so get the one with the highest number. Currently 4 or 8GB should do the trick. We recommend getting the HP Envy 810-160 Desktop. For more details check out the reviews below.

How much RAM should your computer have?

In order to be able to play all of the most recent game releases we recommend getting a PC with at least 8GB of RAM. Also make sure the motherboard can handle upgrades as some older versions have limitations in this department.

Find below what gamers wish for

Despite facing tough competition from game consoles, gaming desktops still manage to hold their own when it comes to popularity. Not even the most advanced of consoles match the video quality and the in game smoothness offered by a high end processor and a top notch video card. If you’ve just started your career as a gamer there is a change you will have trouble finding the proper PC. Our experts have taken the time to test and analyze dozens of configurations out of which they’ve picked 5 favorites.

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How to watch Movies Online in 2020 – (For Free) ?

watching movies for free in 2020

Almost everyone likes to enjoy their free time by engaging in their favorite leisure activities. If you fall in love with movies of any genre, then you can prefer watching movies on online right now. You will get loads of benefits from advanced yet user-friendly movie streaming facilities accessible on online regardless of the location and time.

Many men and women these days are keen to find out how to access and watch movies on online. They can focus on guidelines from specialists in the movie streaming facilities on online and make a better-informed decision to enhance their entertainment further. They get 100% satisfaction from the movie entertainment and make positive changes in their approach to enjoy the free time.

Explore loads of options to watch movies

Many platforms nowadays provide free and premium movies with an aim to make all users more contented than ever. You can directly get in touch with one of the most reliable movie streaming platforms called 123Movies and explore everything about facilities in such platforms. You will get the most outstanding assistance and be encouraged to watch movies in your favorite genre.

The complete details about movies and movie streaming facilities on online in recent times not only attract individuals, but also encourage such individuals to directly contact the trustworthy website and use such facilities. You can seek advice from experts in the movies on online and get an overview about how to conveniently watch such movies as per your wishes about the movie amusement.

Individuals of every age group with different lifestyles and mentalities can prefer the best suitable movie genre at first and explore the latest collection of movies in such genre. They can directly contact and discuss with a qualified team behind the movie collection and streaming facilities on online right now. They will clarify their doubts about how to watch movies and make a better-informed decision to enjoy the entertainment time beyond their wishes.

The movie industry is booming on a regular basis as everyone prefers to watch movies when it comes to their entertainment time. Regular and the first-class updates of movies on online increase the overall eagerness of almost everyone to directly choose and watch one of these movies.

Enjoy your leisure as expected

There are different ways to watch movies on online for free in the modern age of Internet. On the other hand, you have to research about the best methods to watch movies online and decide on one of these methods. There is no need to visit any website or youtube to watch free movies. This is because you can prefer and use the latest movie streaming service on online.

Movie streaming facilities accessible on online give you different benefits and encourage you to directly use such facilities from the comfort of your place. Some of the most popular movie streaming services in our time is Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Crackle and Kanopy. The first-class movies accessible in this movie streaming websites make all users happier than ever.

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Is Windows Defender Good Enough To Stand Alone?

Microsoft is determined to provide its users with advanced and latest security features to be able to compete with this digital world. Windows Defender is what it offers to provide security protection that you can trust. And most importantly at no extra cost to you. Windows Defender was originally known as Microsoft Security Essentials back in Windows 7. Microsoft Security Essentials was available for download and needed to be installed separately. But since Windows 8, Microsoft has included it as a built-in security feature we today know as Windows Defender.

So the question is still there. Is Windows Defender good enough to stand alone? Is it the best antivirus for Windows 10? If so, then whether it’s just good enough or the best available option for your PC.

Features of the NEW! Windows Defender

Windows Defender has a competitive edge over its rivals. Many people have a mind that they should always have a third party antivirus. It’s mostly because they believe that Windows Defender is not ready to protect them against the new and powerful viruses and threats. So, let’s take a look at some of the features of Windows Defender and then we will decide.

  • Nothing To Install – The best part is you already own it. You don’t need to install anything. It’s completely built-in, that means nothing to download, nothing to buy, no configurations and no subscriptions needed.
  • Real-Time Protection – Scan and protect your device against viruses and threats in real-time. You can also see the results of your previous scans, and get the latest protection offered by Windows Defender Antivirus.
  • Cloud-Delivered Protection – This is also referred to as Microsoft Advanced Protection System (MAPS). Cloud-Delivered Protection enhances your Real-Time Protection online, delivering an updated protection to your network and endpoints.
  • Ransomware Protection – With Controlled folder access you can protect your valuable data and documents from ransomware attacks. Once enabled, users can nominate folders to protect by adding them to “Protected folders”. It prevents most apps from accessing and changing files within the folders.
  • Family Options – Family options give you full parental controls. It allows users to control their children’s online experiences and protects your household devices.

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How To Get Unlimited Candy Crush Saga Free Lives

Candy Crush Saga is placed among the list of best android games, considered as one the most addictive puzzle games of all times. It is popular equally among the people of all ages whether children or adults. Normally, this game gives you a total of max five lives. And after losing a life, you need to wait for almost 30 minutes to get one new life. If you are playing it on facebook or have connected your smartphone progress with facebook then you can also send requests to your friends to get lives. But all of this feels very much frustrating. That’s why people usually come across this page, looking for Candy Crush Saga free lives.

Imagini pentru Candy Crush Saga Free Lives

I have discussed two methods to get Candy Crush Saga free lives. First method is for the smartphone users and works on all smartphone systems like Android, Windows Phone or iOS (iPhone) etc. And the second method is for those who are looking for Candy Crush Saga free lives while playing on Facebook using their laptops or PCs.

Candy Crush Saga Free Lives : For Smartphone Users

For those playing Candy Crush Saga on smartphone, when you get out of lives then just follow the steps below,
  • Go to your Phone’s Date & Time Settings
  • Adjust the Automatic Button to Off
  • Change the date of your device One day ahead. It’s better to change the date instead of time.
  • Suppose it’s 15 July today then change it to 16 July.
  • Press the Home Button and launch the Candy Crush Saga game again. You’ll see full lives.
  • Make sure that you have got the full lives. If not then set the time further forward.
  • Go back to the Date & Time Settings
  • Adjust your date back to original or Simply set “Automatic Date & Time” back to ON.

Now, you can return back to the game again. The date of your phone is set back to normal. If you need further lives then repeat the same again as many time as you want.

Candy Crush Saga Free Lives : For Facebook Users

There are two tricks to get Candy Crush Saga free lives for those playing on Facebook.

  • When you are playing on Facebook, there is an neat trick to get an extra life for free. When you have one life left, open up Candy Crush in a new tab while keeping the first one open, So you have two tabs open now. When you lose your last life in the first tab, you’ll still have one left in the second tab! So now you can play in that tab. After consuming life in one tab, close it and now again duplicate the second tab. That’s a very easy method.
  • When you get out of lives, ask your friends for life, But remember not to ask more than five friends at a time. No matter how many of them send you lives, just accept the lives you get and play. After getting out of lives again, do the same. If you ask all the friends at once, then it will be a waste because you can only receive maximum five lives at a time.

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Secured Android Keyboards

IOS and android have option to change keyboard and we can install 3rd party keyboards which are available in playstore.Generally 3rd party keyboards will compromise on security level and will try to access the user data ,key strokes, usage statistics and will send it to the developer server.If developer use that data to improve the version of the application and remove bugs it is ok. But if developer mis use the data then we can say users are in risk of data expose.We need more security while using the keyboards because while using banking apps or social networking sites we have to enter credentials .

For that we need security to the data.


Apple keyboard developers generally wont store user data in the server to maintain security and confidence to provide better experience to the users.

Today I am going to provide some secured keyboards which you can trust and reliable.


GBoard & Google Indic keyboard


This Gboard is nothing but google keyboard and most security measures have been taken to maintain good fame among the users.There is no misuse of user data while using this Gboard app.


Google indic keyboard is the keyboard which has your mother tongue language along with default English can use both language keyboards at a time just shifting between.It supports around 23 languages.




Fleksy is also one of the best keyboard after the Gboard .It uses language mapping data in the policy and by default  data access is disable in the Fleksy.It take measures to provide security for user key strokes.


To download fleksy keyboard click below provided link



It is also one of the best keyboard in the market and has  80+ colors, designs and themes.It is capability to learn user language and best auto corrections.Supports 150+ languages.

does not learn anything from fields marked as password fields, nor does it remember long numbers such as credit card numbers.

To download swiftKey keyboard click below provided link

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Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Completely

Disable Cortana on Windows 10? Does not seem right? Well, you might still have to disable Cortana from Windows 10 since it can consume your information bandwidth. The way to do it? Here in this informative article, I’ll be showing you the way you can get it done.

Cortana was among the most hyped features of Windows 10 since it attracted the first ever personal voice-based helper to the Windows PC. The Cortana was already available for Windows Phone OS running apparatus (will probably be called Windows 10 for cellular after the public launch) and now its introduction in Windows PC OS actually is a welcome move. It’s a sophisticated feature introduced in Windows 10 and can take multiple inputs including voice and gesture input signal.

The Cortana keeps running in the background while being on the world wide web to receive results fast to your search key words. This should not be an issue to those consumers with unlimited online bandwidth over WiFi. But someone with metered link or restricted online bandwidth wouldn’t enjoy a program to consume up his bandwidth merely to maintain the Cortana running.

Cortana needs you to be logged into the PC with the Microsoft accounts to be busy as the support remains accessible only selected areas. Thus, to maintain Cortana very, you are able to log in to the regional user account and prevent using the Microsoft user accounts on your computer.

The next process to disable Cortana would be to rename Cortana folder in the System Apps part in Windows 10. In this informative article, we’ll see both the approaches to disable Cortana entirely in Windows 10.

Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Entirely

Method 1: Login to Local User Account

As I mentioned previously, the perfect way to maintain Cortana very is to utilize the Neighborhood User Account in you Windows 10 PC. Because Cortana requires Microsoft User accounts to operate, it is possible to disable it with the neighborhood user accounts.

In case you haven’t established a local user accounts on your Windows 10, then you need to create one. You may find out more about developing a local user accounts with administrative rights in Windows 10 out of here.

Strategy 2: Merge Microsoft Cortana System folder

Occasionally, you might have to change to the Microsoft Account in the neighborhood user accounts as some attributes in Windows 10 will ask that you have logged in using Microsoft accounts ID to operate correctly. And you also won’t have the ability to prevent Cortana from using your internet bandwidth once logged in with Microsoft User accounts.

In cases like this, it’s still possible to disable Cortana from Windows 10, but therefore, you have to edit the Cortana system folder in the System Apps section. Follow the following steps to understand how to take action.

Notice: Before you proceed with editing the documents, it’s strongly suggested that you make a System Restore Point in Windows 10 and then proceed to disabling Cortana measures given below.

You can create a System Restore Point in Windows 10 by going to Control Panel, click on System, eventually click on System Protection in the left sidebar. Click on Create in the Base of the pop-up Window. Follow onscreen instructions and make a Restore Point in Windows 10.

1. Open Task Manager from right-clicking on the Task Bar and choosing Task Manager. Instead, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager in Windows 10.

2. When you’re in the Task Manager, hunt and find Cortana process. Once discovered, right-click onto it and then choose Open file place.

3. This may open your Windows System Apps folder. Here you need to rename the Cortana folder called as “Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy”.

4. Before you browse the folder, then you need to kill the Cortana procedure from the Task Manager. Else, you will find an error message “the activity can not be done because the folder or a document in it’s available in a different application. Close to this folder and try again”.

To do so go to Task Manager, locate the Cortana procedure again and click on End Task button. This may end the Cortana procedure on your PC.

5. Nowadays you’ve got to rename the folder Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy to Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy.old.

Throughout the vetting procedure, you’ll be requested to give administrator consent to finish the renaming job. Click on Proceed and click on the folder.

When the folder has been renamed successfully, Cortana will quit working on your own Windows 10 PC.

Furthermore, if you would like to eliminate the Cortana search bar in the Taskbar, then tap onto it (Taskbar), then visit Cortana and choose “Hidden” alternative. This will make it possible for you to get more free space to pin down more shortcuts into the Taskbar.

To empower Cortana in the long run, you want to rename the folder into its default name or authentic name as it had been prior to renaming it.


It might occur that while attempting to rename the folder, the procedure might not have finished successfully, and you might face issues with your own Windows 10. Following the reboot, then you might observe a delay from Start button and also the Search function might not operate in Windows 10.

To repair this follow the answers given below. In the majority of the instances, it ought to correct the issue with Start button delay and Windows 10 search function not working.

Repair Start button Delay in Windows 10

Proceed into C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy at Windows 10.

Look for searchUI.exe. Right-click onto it and choose Rename.

Connect searchUI.exe into searchUI-. exe.

After assessing it, you need to have the ability to repair wait in Start button issue in Windows 10.

Repair Search Function Not Working Issue in Windows 10

If the search function Isn’t working in Windows 10 after disabling Cortana then try this:

To repair this, we’ll use an inbuilt system file checker tool to fix the files that are missing.

Open Command Prompt as secretary.

Right-click on Start button and Choose Command Prompt (Admin).

From the command prompt copy /paste after command and hit enter:

sfc /scannow

Hit enter to execute the command. Allow the scanning and fixing procedure complete successfully. When the procedure was completed successfully, you need to have search function working fine in Windows 10.

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Google New Apps


Today we are going to discuss about recently launched new apps from the Google.

  1. Files go
  2. Datally
  3. Google go


Now I will explain in detail about these apps and its purpose of usage

Lets get started


Files go

Recently google launched lighter version of oreo operating system to run on basic entry level or budget device which are 1GB RAM  to smoothly without any issues and it is names as “GO Edition”
Similar way google decided to launcher Go version apps which are lite apps to run entry level devices
Previously google launched youtube go.Now recently google launched “Files Go” nothing but file management app or file explorer app.Till now there are lot many apps are there in the playstore for file management like ES file explorer ,Solid explorer etc.

Coming to the files go app it will take around 13mb size to install this app on your device.So who are having low internal storage it can be more useful .

After opening app we can see 2 sections storage and files

In storage we can check duplicate files,App cache, large files ,Whatsapp media and as well as mobile storage


In files section you can see downloads, received files, apps , images videos audio,documents and file transfer feature.With this file transfer feature you can transfer file between 2 devices without using Bluetooth,it works like shareit which create wireless network to transfer data

The new layout of files go is  a bit frustrating for users who have got used to seeing all the folders on the phone in one place till now . Suppose if a user tranferred a folder from a PC to their smartphone, they can’t see the specific folder with all its elements at one place. Please click “Download here” button and install it from playstore.




Datally basically a mobile data saving app and also it will show mobile data meter.It can help users to find which app is consuming more mobile data usage.If you want to save your mobile data from unnecessary apps you can restrict the apps which don’t need mobile data.

So that you can use easily without any ambiguity .Actually android operating system has built in data management system under layers layers of settings so user can not able to goto that settings everytime which is underlying .

On the homepage of datally you will find data saver ON/OFF toggle and manage data and “Find WIFI”


Find WIFI is used to find nearby wifi networks.Manage data is used to track data usage of each and every app.It is completely free to download on the Play Store, takes up 16MB of space after installation, and is compatible with all smartphones running Android (5.0) Lollipop or higher.Please click “Download here” button and install it from playstore.


Google Go

Google relased another app called “Google go” on playstore after “Youtube go” and “Files Go”.

It is also related to set of light apps from google.Basically google go is lighter version of google search.

The previous and native Google app takes around 135MB of space while the new Google Go is just 11 MB in size. The only major difference is the layout. The home page of the native app shows shortcuts and Personalised Feeds.Shortcuts speeds up searching and latter by using machine learning it will show feeds according to recent searches.


The google go does not have any feeds on th homepage it just have shortcuts like of Google services such as Search, Voice search, YouTube, Translate and Maps on the home page.user no need to download specific app to open .Already if you have apps downloaded and installed previously google go will use installed apps only.It has built in data saver kind mechanism and also it will load lighter version of webpages quickily.


Finally Google Go is a faster and load web pages faster than the native Google app. It has a simple layout with easily recognizable icons. It is designed for users on slower networks and entry level devices.Please click “Download here” button and install it from playstore.


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